dear Friends

Children's Hospital Colorado was created from humble beginnings 105 years ago by founders who dreamed of a better world for its children. What began as a few tents in a park eventually grew to one of the largest pediatric healthcare organizations in the nation. To this day, the dreams that originated with our founders remain unchanged.

Since 1908, what a difference Children's Colorado has made for millions of lives. It takes stamina and a steady faith to keep a vision alive, especially as medicine – and disease – has evolved.

Few people enter pediatrics for personal glory; most of us enter it because we want a better future that begins with healthier children. Our esteemed colleagues from around the country ask the same questions we do, and it is through this affinity for improvement that we remain strong amidst change.

Asking questions is what we do. How can we prevent harm to patients? How can we improve? How can we help babies even before their first birthdays? How can we keep kids out of the Emergency Department (ED)? How do we help children outside the hospital?

These are questions we have asked over the last several years that have led to significant breakthroughs in 2012, like improved patient identification, life-saving surgeries on babies not yet born, new ED protocols and new efforts to reduce childhood obesity.

In the following pages, we see these examples and more. We hope you enjoy reading about what has worked for us and how others have helped us get there.

Here in Colorado, we remind ourselves of the Western spirit of exploration as we move into 2013 with greater curiosity, making the hospital better than ever before.


Jim Shmerling, D.H.A., FACHE
President and Chief Executive Officer

Bob Hottman
Chair, Board of Directors

Bob Hottman, left, and Jim Shmerling