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Children's Colorado was one of the first pediatric hospitals to offer a network of satellite locations. Now, the hospital is reaching outside its primary service area of Metro Denver. In 2012, Children's Colorado made significant strides in giving more access to patients living in the Southern corridor and Colorado Springs.

When Children's Colorado Outpatient Specialty Care at Briargate opened in May, it expanded outpatient care provided to patients in the area by Children's Colorado from four specialties to 11, with room to add more.

"Colorado Springs provides a full array of services: diagnostics, imaging, audiology, lab, pharmacy and infusion therapy," said Suzy Jaeger, Vice President for Ambulatory and Network of Care.

"It's exciting to be able to provide comprehensive services to that community."

The location was designed specifically so pediatric specialists staffing full-time clinics would live in the community and exclusively work there – a first for any Children's Colorado satellite location.

"This is a real advantage for the community," said Amy Casseri, Chief Strategy Officer and Senior Vice President.

In October, Children's Colorado's commitment to Colorado Springs was further deepened when University of Colorado Health's (UCHealth) bid for a 40-year master lease for Memorial Hospital was approved by the city's residents.

Under the lease, Children's Colorado partnered with UCHealth and began to provide pediatric inpatient and outpatient services at Children's Colorado at Memorial Hospital Central.

"We're continuing to increase our footprint by opening up the Southern corridor, allowing us to provide high-quality care to even more children close to home," Casseri said.

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What's next for growth at Children's Colorado? Slated to open in December 2013, Children's Colorado's South Campus will be licensed as a hospital and will offer surgery and inpatient care in addition to outpatient and 24/7 urgent/emergency care.

Looking further into the next 10 to 15 years, Children's Colorado expects that lower acuity care will be handled at the satellites, leaving the main campus in Aurora to provide high-end, medically complex care, serving as a destination for a child with multiple complex needs or intensive care.

"We need to continue to evolve our thinking, meet the demands of our community and provide consistent services that deliver on our brand promise," Casseri said.

Not only has

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Outpatient specialty care
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