Community Support Makes Us Stronger

Fundraiser Megan Hood

Our Donors
Are Loyal:

40,987 donors

187 Boettcher Society Members

Cumulative gifts $250,000 – $999,999

103 Gates Society Members

Cumulative gifts of $1 million

277 Children's Circle
of Care members

Cumulative gifts of $10,000

When we work together to help children, we can improve lives and overcome obstacles.

The philanthropic community makes a difference in children's lives every day. Comprised of supporters from around our region and beyond, our donors understand that a children's hospital needs the best caregivers, research for innovative treatments, and state-of-the-art facilities to tackle today's pediatric challenges and create the cures of tomorrow.

"Donors are absolutely critical to the continued health and growth of Children's Colorado," said Steve Winesett, President and Chief Executive Officer of Children's Hospital Colorado Foundation. "We are grateful for their deep investment in a great institution."

Ours is a broad community of philanthropists. Last year, inspired by dedicated caregivers and hope for better cures and treatments, our donors made more than 127,000 gifts to provide for children now and into the future. Through outright and estate gifts, gifts to events benefiting the hospital, and grassroots efforts, they gave to make a difference.

Our supporters are also dedicated. Through Team Children's Colorado, community fundraisers found a myriad of ways to support the hospital.

Ten-year-old Megan Hood challenged her classmates with a $1 donation, and ended up raising more than $3,728. Six-year-old Abram Dragony raised more than $1,755 in donations after signing up for a 5K run last June.

"Abram is so compassionate," said his mom, Tracy. "He always wants to help, and keep raising money for kids."

Whether they give $1 or $1 million, our community knows that consistent philanthropic investment enables Children's Colorado to create better futures for children.

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